Chant Resources

Here are some resources for chants, which I will continue to expand as I discover more.  Feel free to email me with your suggestions.

Fire Tribe Hawaii reference articles: here you will find many interesting and informative articles about all aspects of the fire circle, including Chanting.  In addition, you may join their Chant Yahoo group ( to have access to mp3 files and lyrics of many commonly sung chants.  This group generates little or no email.

Circle of Song: Songs, Chants, and Dances for Ritual and Celebration
a songbook compiled by Kate Marks, ©  1993. A resource book designed for musicians, teachers, educators and anyone interested in sharing song, dance, and ritual. Over 300 sacred songs and chants from many spiritual traditions and global sources, with easy to read music and lyrics.  The introduction to the book is great to read, and summarizes the ways chants are used in circle and ritual.

Chants and Songs from Gaia's Oasis: original chants from gatherings at Gaia's Oasis.  Contributors include Chris Galfo, Gaiella Galfo, and Tymn Urban.

Chants from the Vegas Vortex: primarily a listing of chants by Abigail Spinner McBride, who has contributed greatly to the evolution of chants around the fire over the past 20 years.
Pagan Chant Archive: a large archive of chant lyrics, great for browsing, although hard to find something specific if you need to.

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